Leo, Your October Horoscope Predicts The Fresh Start You Deserve

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your October Horoscope Predicts The Fresh Start You Deserve
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Prepare for your phone to be ringing off the hook this month, because your Leo October 2020 horoscope is all about your social life. The sun is in your third house of communication until October 22, sending power to your voice and tapping into your desire for stimulating conversation. Not only do you want to speak your mind, but you want to learn from others in the process. And when a full moon blasts through your ninth house of adventure and philosophy on October 2, you just might have a revelation about your perspective, opening your mind and revealing all sorts of fresh possibilities.

Although your mind is set on higher pursuits, your heart is set on luxury, because Venus enters your second house of money and possessions on October 2. That’s right, your wallet will be feeling lucky this month, tapping into your desire to spend on pretty things that make you feel glamorous. That way, you’ll have plenty of fun things to wear when Venus enters your third house of communication on October 27, making you feel like meeting all sorts of people and showing off your new look.

And when a new moon takes place on October 16, it will stimulate your brain with electricity, sparking a new idea, helping you connect the dots or solve a problem you’ve been dealing with forever. This new moon represents a new era in your level of efficiency and productivity, Leo. You’re learning new techniques and discovering formulas that make life easier.

However, you might find yourself zig-zagging along the way, because Mercury will station retrograde in your fourth house of home and family on October 13, creating disarray and disorganization in your sacred space. It may be time to redesign and amp up the feng shui! And beware, because Mercury will later retrograde back into your communicative third house on October 27, causing delays, slips of the tongue and communication errors galore. Our advice? Double-check every message before you hit send.

Finally, a full moon will charge your 10th house of career with power on October 31, pushing you to reach for the stars and stop at nothing until you find the success you’re looking for. Listen to your heart and the money will follow, Leo. It’s time to take ownership of your life!


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