Leo, Your November Horoscope Predicts A Strong Relationship

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your November Horoscope Predicts A Strong Relationship
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Don’t underestimate the power of comfort, Leo! After all, your Leo November 2021 horoscope is encouraging you to reconnect with everything that makes you feel more at home. On November 4, a new moon will kindle a fire in your fourth house of domestic bliss, encouraging you to create a sacred space that allows you to let down your guard and be your most authentic self.

This compassionate energy will continue to spread throughout your world by November 5. As Venus enters your selfless sixth house, you’re learning that love goes beyond romantic gestures. It’s also about picking each other up from work, doing the laundry and unloading the dishwasher. Acts of service are a love language, too! And as Mercury sends warmth to your cozy fourth house, you may feel like communicating with love and empathy, helping you build a strong relationship based on emotional safety.

However, sensitivities could flare up by November 10. As Mercury and Mars join forces, you may run into challenges in your personal life that force you to reexamine the way you deal with conflict. And as the Mercury-Mars conjunction squares off with Saturn, you may come to find that some of your instincts are not serving your relationships in the long run. Let this be an opportunity to overcome negative patterns!

Luckily, intimacy will reign over passive aggressiveness by November 12. As the sun forms a trine with Neptune, it will help you overcome boundaries and break down some of the walls separating you from embracing true love. Remember—love is always a risk worth taking!

By November 19, you may be blindsided by some major changes in your professional life. As a lunar eclipse blasts through your 10th house of career, you may find that your goals are evolving. Instead of chasing pipe dreams, let yourself be guided by the desire to achieve what truly drives you. Ambition arrives when you’re truly passionate about something!

Sagittarius season begins on November 21 and will feel like a gift! This is when the sun will start a party in your colorful and creative fifth house, urging you to let go of all the bullshit and do what makes you feel alive. Life is too short not to!

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