Leo, Your May Horoscope Is All About Finding True Friendship

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your May Horoscope Is All About Finding True Friendship
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You’re entering the month with ambition and motivation guiding you forward, but your Leo May 2021 horoscope shows that you want your wins to involve everyone. By May 8, Mercury and Venus will be sending positive energy and focus to your 11th house of vision. This will not only tap into your social skills and help you make new friends, but it will also help you make your community a better place through humanitarian efforts. Good for you, Leo!

While you’re off changing the world, don’t forget to achieve your own personal goals in the process. On May 11, the new moon will blast through your ambitious 10th house, encouraging you to tap into your inner authority and prove how worthy of success you are. In fact, you may be making some smart investments once Jupiter enters your eighth house of shared resources by May 13. This will help you settle your debts and pour your energy and your finances into a project with so much promise.

Your career is becoming even more of a focus by May 17. This is when the sun will trine Pluto in your productive sixth house, giving you an epic boost of energy to tackle your to-do lists and revamp your daily routine. Get the most out of your day! By May 19, you may find that one of your new friendships is getting more serious as Venus forms a trine with Saturn in your partnership sector, allowing you to build something long-term with a person you trust.

Gemini season begins on May 20, fully activating your ability to be a social butterfly! However, by May 26, you may find that a romantic relationship or a creative project is stealing most of your attention. A blood moon-slash-lunar eclipse will radiate throughout your fifth house of fun and flirtations, which might just initiate a whirlwind romance—but whether that romance involves another person or an artistic idea remains to be seen!

You may start questioning who your true friends are by May 29. As Mercury stations retrograde in your social 11th house, you will likely find yourself reunited with people from you past, which may leave you confused about who your “people” are. Trust the process, Leo—you’ll get the answers soon enough.

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