Leo, Your June Horoscope Is Brimming With “Main-Character” Energy

Roya Backlund

Put your best foot forward, Leo. Your Leo June 2022 horoscope is here and it says you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough in your career! In fact, you might already be noticing that things are becoming easier to control, because on June 3, Mercury retrograde will come to an end. As Mercury turns the train around in your 10th house of ambition, you’re reconnecting with what motivates you and setting your sights much higher than before.

As Venus joins forces with Uranus in your 10th house of public image on June 11, you may be putting out a newsletter that reveals groundbreaking news. Don’t be surprised if you’ve got everyone in town shook! Whatever happens, it will reflect a new aspect of your career that’s just beginning to make itself known. And as Mercury enters your social 11th house as of June 13, you may feel like expressing yourself even more and connecting with people in your field who understand your vision.

However, don’t get so lose in teamwork that you forget about your own passion projects. As a full moon in Sagittarius sets off fireworks in your fifth house of fun and pleasure on June 14, you’re reveling in how it feels to be creating art and sharing the abundance with others. You want to be appreciated for your talents, but are you willing to show us first?

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You’ve embraced everything the spotlight has to offer, but as the sun takes its leave and begins to slumber in your 12th house of spirituality on June 21, you may be craving retreat. Give yourself time to rest before the party begins, because you’re just one month away from Leo season. It’s time to get your beauty rest! However, as Venus spreads its flirtatious energy throughout your community-oriented 11th house, you’re still keeping up with all the latest developments in your social scene. You may even find yourself falling for one of your BFFs!

Inner exploration may produce *big* results, so don’t be afraid of looking inward. On June 28, the sun in Cancer will square off with Jupiter in your ninth house of wisdom and adventure, taking through pathways you never expected to take! A little spontaneity is what you need, so let the fire take you where it pleases. As a new moon in Cancer plants the seed of something new on June 28, you may find yourself letting go of a weighty responsibility from your past. You don’t need to keep mulling it over. What’s done is done!

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