Leo, Your July Horoscope Is About Letting Go Of Drama

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your July Horoscope Is About Letting Go Of Drama
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As this month gets started, you may experience some relationship trouble. In fact, your Leo July 2021 horoscope begins with Venus forming an opposition with Saturn, which may put you at odds with a lover, friend or colleague. Conflict may prevent you from seeing eye to eye, forcing you to take a different approach. If you truly care for each other, solving these problems will only bring you closer!

You’ll have a beautiful opportunity to let go of all the drama, baggage and hurt feelings by July 9. This is when the new moon will radiate throughout your spiritual 12th house, giving you a chance to remove your ego from the situation and place your focus on healing. However, healing requires you to actually face your feelings, so give yourself a moment to let it all out.

The process of healing will gain momentum by July 12. As Mercury forms a trine with Jupiter, you may feel ready to truly let go of whatever has been holding you back. Say goodbye to things that have been causing you pain and hardship, because you deserve so much better. As the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15, you may find that your spiritual openness is putting you in a beautiful position to form incredibly meaningful emotional connections with others as well as with yourself.

This all might sound intense, but it’s preparing you for a Leo season that you’ll never forget. As the sun enters your first house of the self on July 22, you may start to feel more confident and energized rather than reserved and introverted. If you want to be seen, get out there and be seen! You’re naturally the center of attention, but you might be focusing on others by July 23. As the full moon blasts through your harmonious seventh house on July 23, it may reveal whoever it is that you truly love, trust and care about. Let these revelations bring balance to your relationships!

In fact, you’re on the verge of a powerful chapter in your relationships that will last all throughout the year. As Jupiter retrogrades back into your partnership sector on July 28, it will initiate a period of growth and reflection as you embrace a more profound understanding of what it means to be a partner. The universe is helping you overcome your loneliness and forge beautiful relationships in the process.

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