Leo, Your January Horoscope Involves Closure from Past Relationships

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your January Horoscope Involves Closure from Past Relationships
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You’re getting back to the basics this month, Leo! The new year is finally here and your Leo January 2022 horoscope will help you refine your sense of wellness going forward. On January 2, a new moon will rejuvenate your sixth house of health and regimen, prompting you to make taking care of yourself a much bigger priority.

Don’t expect instant results, because there are still many things to heal before you start seeing improvement. When 2022 begins, Venus will continue retrograding through your productive sixth house until January 29, bringing up whatever may be holding you back from improving your routine. Reconnect with rituals and habits that make you feel whole!

As you learn how to nurture yourself, your relationships might require some nurturing, too. On January 14, Mercury will begin retrograding through your partnership sector, which could cause unresolved issues to resurface in your one-on-one relationships. You might even find yourself reconnecting with an ex, giving you the chance to find closure and move forward. When Mercury re-enters your practical sixth house on January 25, it will help you pick up the pieces and replenish your mind and body. One step at a time!

In the midst of all your efforts, the Full Moon on January 17 will be incredibly healing. Sending light to your 12th house of spirituality, some solitude may be needed to process all the emotion and stress you’ve been carrying. No matter how pressing the issues may be, they can wait! You deserve some release.

When Aquarius season begins on January 19, you’ll be able to navigate your changing relationship dynamics with greater ease. With the sun powering your seventh house of partnerships, it will help you solve issues with your loved ones more confidently. And once Mars enters your productive sixth house on January 24, it will be a motivating force that helps you tackle to-do lists and make the most out of the 24 hours you’re allotted each day.

However, by the month’s end, a setback may rear its ugly head! As Mercury retrograde joins forces with Pluto on January 28, it could reveal a habit that may be harder to break than you realized. This might be the reality check that forces you to make a change—and that change might really pay off!

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