Leo—Your February Horoscope Wants You to Break Free From Toxic Relationship Dynamics

Leo—Your February Horoscope Wants You to Break Free From Toxic Relationship Dynamics
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January has come and things are changing in your world! According to your Leo horoscope for February 2023, you are looking to improve your relationships and your day-to-day.

The Sun—which is also your ruling planet—is currently shining in your seventh house of partnerships, emphasizing a desire to grow in your personal relationships. Now is the time for self-discovery through your intimate bonds. Being in a relationship is like taking a class in who you are. How you relate to others will influence how you view yourself. If you can listen and self-reflect, you will be able to see yourself in a new light. 

At the beginning of the month, unpredictable Uranus challenges the Sun, creating a feeling of uncertainty. To prevent anxiety and impulsivity from mucking up your relationships, ask yourself what is underneath the feeling of restlessness and sense of impending doom. Rather than lashing out, go inwards and hold a mirror up to yourself. Stay positive, flexible and ready for change and your life may open to new possibilities as you discover your authentic self. 

On February 16, Saturn—planet of boundaries and limitations—will close in on the Sun, demanding you unclutter your life. What structures are no longer serving you? What can you simplify? This is the time for efficiency and patience. Meanwhile, Pluto—planet of power and control—has taken root in your sixth house of work and health. This slow-moving planet ushers in progressive change to your daily routines and habits. Evolve your approach to your health and work-life by ridding yourself of bad habits. Just be sure not to replace them with other bad habits. These planet’s don’t want to deprive you of fun and pleasure, they want to guide you towards your best self. Health looks different on all of us and it may be time for you to discover what it means for you.

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The planet of love, Venus, will be moving through your 8th house of resurrection this month while Eccentric Uranus smiles on. An unexpected boost in your finances may come into play just in time for you to treat that special someone for Valentines. If you are dating, a deep and intimate connection may be coming, especially as Pluto brings its energy to Venus on February 19th. If you’re in a relationship, this is the time to open yourself up and discover your true feelings. Leave no stone unturned, Leo, as you uncover the truth in yourself and develop your relationships!

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