Leo, Your February 2021 Horoscope Is Allllllllll About Relationships

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your February 2021 Horoscope Is Allllllllll About Relationships
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February is an incredibly significant month for your relationships, Leo! After all, it begins with Mercury retrograding through your seventh house of partnerships, revealing the true nature of your relationship dynamics. It may feel as though there is a disconnect between you and someone you’re close with, so make February a month to work on becoming a better partner, as well as choosing better partners for yourself. Trust that the lessons in your Leo February 2021 horoscope will strengthen your relationships for the long haul!

Aquarius season is all about one-on-one time. As Venus sends warmth to your seventh house of significant others on February 1, it will encourage you to nurture your relationships on a close and personal level. Spend quality time with those who matter to you and be there for one another. As the new moon radiates through your harmonious seventh house on February 11, it will urge you toward a brand new start. Let go of resentments, forgive one other and make new promises.

Have you ever felt like you had to repress your light so that you wouldn’t make someone feel jealous? That sentiment might overwhelm you by February 17. As Saturn squares Uranus, you may feel tempted to let your talents shine like never before, but it’s possible the one thing holding you back is your investment in a relationship. It may be time for said relationship to evolve—because either way, you’ll be evolving on your own.

When the sun enters your eighth house of transformation on February 18, it will be time to begin the process of shedding your skin and unburdening yourself from the past. When Mercury stations direct on February 20, your relationships will regain some stability, giving you a better understanding of which ones are here to stay. And don’t worry, because you’ll be rediscovering the intimacy in your partnerships come February 25, when Venus enters your emotional eighth house.

By the end of the month, all this intense relationship work will pay off. On February 26, Jupiter will trine the North Node, attracting all sorts of beautiful new friendships like metals to a magnet. And when the full moon rises in your stable second house on February 27, it will lead to a revelation about your self-esteem, encouraging you to embrace self-love and self-respect.

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