Leo, Your December Horoscope Predicts A Desire For Romance

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your December Horoscope Predicts A Desire For Romance
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You shine brightest when your creative juices are flowing, Leo. That’s one reason you’ll love your Leo December 2021 horoscope so much! After all, it begins with a solar eclipse in your fifth house of fun and pleasure on December 4. This solar eclipse is tapping into your need for self-expression and inspiring you to fall head over heels in love with a creative idea. Never sacrifice your passion projects for anything.

Once Mars enters your jovial fifth house on December 13, it will encourage you to let loose and embrace your artistic sensibilities. Wear your heart on your sleeve and give in to your need for romance. Release yourself from the pressure to be perfect, because now’s the time to make a mess and color outside the lines! Don’t let your inner critic crash the party, because this time, they’re definitely not invited.

When the full moon rises in your social 11th house on December 18, you may realize who your true friends are, because they’re the ones who support your art. When Venus stations retrograde in your sixth house of routine on December 19, don’t be surprised if you feel more disorganized than usual.

Balancing your tasks and committing to healthy habits may feel harder than ever, but if your routine is boring you, it may be time to spice things up. Try new organizational methods, cook interesting meals and find what works for you! As Capricorn season begins on December 21, you’ll feel much more inspired to get your house in order and commit to your wellness routine.

By December 24, there will be a lot of strain placed on your relationships as well as your career. As Saturn squares off with Uranus, you may come to find that some people are holding you back from all the success you’re ready to achieve. It may be time to make a decision about what matters most to you; your priorities will dictate what happens next!

Once Jupiter enters your eighth house of power and control on December 28, you may become even more aware of the deeper dynamics of your relationships. Maybe you’ll even feel like setting a New Year’s resolution based on setting boundaries and forming more meaningful relationships going forward.

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