Leo, Your August Horoscope Is Here—And So Is Leo Season

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your August Horoscope Is Here—And So Is Leo Season
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Welcome to Leo season! Can we get a drumroll, please? Your Leo August 2021 horoscope is here and it’s all about—you guessed it—you! As the month begins with a New Moon in Leo on August 8, you’re feeling like the main character in an epic story. This new moon will catapult you into becoming your most authentic self, but it may challenge your relationships and your career in the process. After all, once you begin to change, everything else is forced to change with you.

By August 9, you may feel some anxiety surrounding your finances. As Venus opposes Neptune, you might feel confused about where your money stands, but equally as tempted to spend money on things you don’t need. Remember to keep your longterm financial goals in mind!

However, once Venus enters your chatty third house on August 16, you’ll feel more inspired by socializing than shopping. With Venus in this charming space, you might be sending out sizzling texts that will leave your crush waiting by their phone for the next one.

That said, your financial situation may return to the forefront of your mind by August 18. As Mercury and Mars form a conjunction in your second house of income, you may feel the impulse to make a serious decision with your money. In fact, you may have the motivation to increase your earnings by a wide margin! Trust it’ll all pay off, Leo.

Your relationships will become far more significant by August 19. This is when the sun in Leo will oppose Jupiter, highlighting your interest in anyone you would consider as a potential partner. When the full moon rushes through your seventh house of allies and significant others on August 22, you may glean a deeper understanding of where you stand in your relationships. How can you be a better partner? Which partnerships are bringing out the best in you?

Once Virgo season begins on August 22, the energy will feel calm, sensual and grounded. This is when the sun will enter your second house of self-esteem, encouraging you to find a sense of stability in your universe. Tap into your ability to take care of yourself and plant something long-lasting.

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