HBD, Leo! Kick Off Your Season By Reading Your August Horoscope

Roya Backlund
HBD, Leo! Kick Off Your Season By Reading Your August Horoscope
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Sound the alarms, Leo! The the sun has officially entered your zodiac sign and it’s showering you with golden rays of light. Time to be your most unapologetically fierce self, because during Leo season, absolutely nothing can hold you back and your Leo August 2020 horoscope is proof of that!

It’s time to think of how far you’ve come since last year, and just how far you plan to go in the year that lies ahead of you. With Mercury—planet of communication and cognitive function—entering your first house as of August 4, you’re thinking just as clearly as you feel. Let confidence, self-love and courage burst through you, because Leo season means it’s time to strut your stuff.

August is taking no prisoners, because a full moon in Aquarius lands right in your seventh house of partnerships on August 3. This full moon will bring you closer to those you care about and motivate you to be the best partner you can possibly be. Leo season may drive up your ego, but under the energy of this full moon, all you’ll want to do is give back. Let healthy, mutually-respectful and committed relationships guide the way!

And don’t worry about letting your ego get to your head, Leo, because when Venus—planet of love and friendship—enters your 12th house of spirituality on August 7, you’ll be pulled away from your need to compete. During this time, your focus will be toward all things unseen, and discovering your own relationship with solitude. Who are you when no one is watching? Do you view yourself as your own best friend? These are questions that need answering, Leo.

Once the new moon in Leo happens on August 18, you’ll feel so charged with energy and so focused on the future that you can let go of anything weighing you down from your past and set sail on the open seas. Visualize your highest self and manifest your reality for the better!

Unfortunately, your season does come to an end when the sun enters Virgo on August 22, but that’s no reason to cry. The sun will be in your luxurious second house! Treat yourself to a spa day, engage in self-care regimens, and buy yourself a new bottle of perfume. Call it a late birthday gift.

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