Leo, Your April 2022 Horoscope Spells A Relationship Upgrade

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your April 2022 Horoscope Spells A Relationship Upgrade
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Get ready to explore the great beyond and embrace liberation, because your Leo April 2022 horoscope begins with an opportunity to embark on an adventure. On April 1, a new moon in Aries will shake up your ninth house of expansion and wisdom, urging you to step beyond the boundaries of what feels normal. You may feel afraid to believe in something beautiful as the sun joins forces with Chiron. After all, you’ve been let down so many times, but you always got back up and dusted yourself off. You *know* in your heart believing is what keeps you going!

By April 4, you may run into disagreements in your relationships. As Mars joins forces with Saturn in Aquarius, it may bring rise to what’s inhibiting your ability to form the connections you’re searching for. You may feel like you’re not on the same page as someone else or moving in the same pace as they are. Don’t feel the need to match them, especially if it feels antithetical to who you are.

You may experience intimacy in a way you never have before, especially when Jupiter joins forces with Neptune on April 12. You’re opening your heart to a deeper and more dangerous love, because loving *this* hard also means putting yourself at risk. However, love is always worth it, especially when it feels THIS wonderful.

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Adobe. Design Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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You may feel ready to make a heartfelt declaration by April 16, when a full moon in Libra sends fireworks to your third house of communication. You’re finally discovering the right words to describe how you feel!

By April 27, the level of passion in your life will reach boiling points. This is when Venus will join forces with Neptune and Jupiter in your obsessive eighth house. There’s nothing wrong with surrendering to your deepest desires, but make sure you’re truly ready to lower your guard and trust someone with your heart.

As the month comes to a close, you may be unleashing some groundbreaking news. On April 30, a solar eclipse in Taurus will blossom in your 10th house of career, pointing you in the direction of your destined professional path. Allow the universe to promote you, even if that means exchanging it for a different kind of demotion. See the end goal and keep your eye on the ball, because this is a marathon, not a race!

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