Leo, Your Career is Entering a New Era—Your 2022 Horoscope is Proof

Roya Backlund
Leo, Your Career is Entering a New Era—Your 2022 Horoscope is Proof
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Throughout 2021, you learned so much about your relationships, Leo. A full 365 days later, your 2022 Leo horoscope is already here and it’s continuing the stories you began last year. Jupiter and Saturn spent 2021 bringing you closer to a few special people, but they also revealed the weaknesses in your relationship dynamics.

Now that 2022 has arrived, you’re working through these patterns and strengthening your loyalties! Learn what to expect in terms of love, life and career below.


You may find that unhealed wounds in your relationships are resurfacing as the year begins. During mid-January, Mercury will station retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships, encouraging you to finally discuss the elephant in the room so you can put the issue behind you. Ex-best friends and ex-partners may also make a reappearance in your life, giving you the option to give things another shot or finally get the closure you need.

Get excited, because a romantic and passionate moment will blossom through your love life by mid-March. This is when Venus and Mars will form a hot-and-heavy conjunction, which could expand the level of attraction you feel toward your lover and make them just as interested in being right beside you, too!


You might start feeling ambitious about a totally new venture this year, Leo! Around mid-January, the North Node will begin moving through your 10th house of career, pushing you to begin moving toward the goals that reflect your true interests. If you’re working in a field that feels boring even on its best days, it’s time to pivot and start accomplishing what you really want to do instead.

By late July, Uranus will join forces with the North Node, which could lead to a completely unexpected transition in your career goals. You may feel in over your head, but you’re also pioneering a new form of business! 


This year is all about testing your chops and tapping into your determination! With the North Node moving through your driven 10th house throughout 2022, you’re making moves toward the career of your dreams. You’re also proving to yourself that with a little hard work and confidence, the world will eventually take notice of your efforts.

By mid-May, Jupiter will also enter your adventurous ninth house, encouraging you to experience new things and perhaps, even travel to exotic locales. Get ready, Leo!

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