Not Going To Lie, Leo—Your 2021 Horoscope Predicts A Bit Of Drama

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Not Going To Lie, Leo—Your 2021 Horoscope Predicts A Bit Of Drama
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Leo, 2020 was a year of mental preparation, readying you for the journey that’s about to come! From March to June, Saturn highlighted your seventh house of partnerships, giving you a taste of some of the relationship-building themes that will really settle into focus during 2021. Unexpected revelations in your career may have also activated dormant ambitions, pushing you into new arenas as Uranus transited your tenth house of social status. Stay tuned, because your Leo 2021 horoscope proves that things are about to get real.


2021 presents you with a major, mind-blowing new beginning for your love life! Change is difficult at first, but you’re embracing new and improved relationship dynamics as Saturn and Jupiter course through your partnership-oriented seventh house.

The drama will intensify from January through February, when Mercury retrogrades through your seventh house, causing old relationship patterns to resurface and spreading confusion throughout your love life. However, you’re feeling the love and passion by mid-July, when Venus and Mars light a fire in your first house of the self, leaving you with a major boost in sexiness.


You’re in for a wild ride in your career this year! Your goals will likely take you in unexpected new directions, especially in late January, when Mars and Uranus join hands in your tenth house of reputation. However, by mid-February, Saturn will square off with Uranus, and conflict with a partner could create friction as you attempt to keep up with your ambitions, forcing you to work through a dilemma.

By November, drama in your personal life could shake things up in your career, forcing you to find balance. A major turning point in your career also lands in your lap by mid-November, when a lunar eclipse evokes surprising beginnings in your public life.

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2021 is the year you’re starting to get really serious about your relationships. As Saturn and Jupiter oppose your zodiac sign, the cosmos are encouraging you to embrace the fact that not all relationships are meant to last forever. In order to grow as a person, you have to accept that you will inevitably outgrow some relationships.

Spend the year creating space for relationships that really mesh with who you are, and as Jupiter transits your transformative eighth house from May to July, you’ll gain a deeper power over your life.

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