Watch Lena Dunham Dance Without Pants in New ‘Rock The Vote’ Promo

Emily Kanoff

Just when you think your day is on the decline, an Instagram turns up on your feed and you’re like, “Whoa, this day just got a whole lot better.”

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Thanks to Lena Dunham, we’ve got just such a day. The “Girls” creator and star is one of many celebs (like Kendall Jenner) tapped to help promote Rock The Vote—a campaign designed to get young voters out of the house and into the voting booth on November 4.

Watch “Lil Lena” in action before we dive deep:


TURN OUT 4 WHAT! Let's show up so hard we blow their minds. Cool? Cool. #rockthevote #turnoutforwhat

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So why was this Instagram so perfect? Well first, it features a very popular song that gets even the the Debby Downer-est in a good mood: Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What.” Next, it features Lena dirty dancing in a onesie, whipping her bleach blonde hair around like she’s Willow Smith. It also gives us a brief glimpse of the fabulous star of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” E.J. Johnson, and Instagram star in her own right, Ireland Baldwin. Finally, it’s got a great message! Rock The Vote encourages you to “Turn Out For What” you believe in—and Lena is all about reproductive rights.

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While we love the 15-second snippet, the clip is actually part of a longer video that is sure to go viral any second. Aside from the aforementioned celebs, it also has Whoopi Goldberg, Darren Criss, Sophia Bush and more, all coming together to promote the right to vote.

It’s no surprise that Lena joined the cause considering her outspoken view on several political topics—not to mention her close friendship with Rock The Vote spokesperson Audrey Gelman. Either way, we look forward to more midday treats like this one.

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Did this video brighten your day a little? Had enough Lena-dancing moments for one lifetime? Share in the comments!