Lena Dunham Plans Her Dream Wedding (And It’s Pretty Awesome)

Leah Bourne

lena Lena Dunham Plans Her Dream Wedding (And Its Pretty Awesome)We are pretty obsessed with Girls creator and star Lena Dunham, and our obsession kicked into overdrive when she posted on her Instagram account a sketch of her dream wedding circa 2002 (when Dunahm was about 17). Because seriously, who isn’t planning out their dream wedding at age 17.
Dunham envisions a pasta bar, tropical drinks, and live performances from the likes of Sade and The White Stripes. Her vision for dream wedding dress is equally epic. She wants to wear a white sating dress with torn lace and tulle trim. Also Dunham envisions wearing pearls and a feather headpiece (very Kate Middleton of her).
How does Dunham’s dream wedding match up to yours? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
Photo via Instagram