The Sexiest Sex Toy Ever Is 25% Off During Amazon Prime Day

The Sexiest Sex Toy Ever Is 25% Off During Amazon Prime Day
Photo: Courtesy of LELO.

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of a good sex toy. Bring me your vibrators, your clitoral stimulators, your dildos! Still, though I love my wide array of toys, I feel like I’m forever on the hunt to find The One that makes all the others obsolete—and with the LELO Enigma, I’m one step closer to achieving my goal. And because it’s on sale right now during Amazon Prime Day, I felt like I had to bring this baby to your attention. This silicone hook just may be the most stimulating, sexiest sex toy ever, so I’m bringing you a thorough LELO Enigma review
to prove it.

A big claim, I know, but bear with me! When I took this baby out of the box, I had no idea how pleasure-packed my experience would be. The Enigma
is for anyone who can’t orgasm with a classic clitoral stimulator alone and needs a little extra oomph. To get you all the way there, it utilizes the brand’s patented  SenSonic™ sonic wave technology to stimulate your entire clitoris (not just the part you can see). But wait, there’s more! At the same time, you can use the toy to penetrate, thereby creating the ultimate double-whammy sensation, powerful enough to guarantee an orgasm every time. Yep, every single time!

TBH, I don’t think dual-action toys like this one get enough love. I often find myself with one clitoral stimulator and one penetrator on standby—so why not rely on a massager that offers both? LELO’s Enigma really is that toy. Plus, there are eight different vibration patterns, each of which you can control the strength of, so you can make your experience unique every single time or stick with any fast favorites.

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STYLECASTER | LELO Enigma Sex Toy Review

Courtesy of LELO.

This baby retails for $189, which is quite a pretty penny, but right now, this toy is discounted down to $140 during Amazon Prime Day. Talk about a deal you deserve! To help you justify it further, think of it this way: You’re not paying for a single silicone sex toy. You’re paying for endless orgasms!

When I think of all the cheap, low-grade toys I’ve bought in the past just because they were affordable, I’d do anything to go back and tell my Younger Horny Self to just invest in one game-changing massager instead. If only she’d known about the LELO Enigma, a G-spot and clit vibrator all in one!

The only downside to my dual vibrator review? The rest of my sex toys have currently been sidelined. But I’ll be honest—I don’t really miss them! When you have one toy that does it all, keeps it fresh and delivers intense orgasms on even the most boring of Monday nights, there really is no competition.

I’m never one to say you need to buy something, so instead, I’ll say this: If you need good orgasms, a reliable, safe sex toy and a major jolt to your sex live, you should buy the LELO Enigma
. How’s that for a (pun intended) hook?

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