Leather Bomber Jackets: 10 Ways to Wear the Fall Staple in Spring

Meghan Blalock
Leather Bomber Jackets: 10 Ways to Wear the Fall Staple in Spring
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Leather jackets in general, but especially bombers, tend to be conceptualized as more appropriate for fall weather than spring. But considering that bombers are one of the biggest trends for Spring this year, we have to believe there’s a way to pull off the toppers in cool-weather leather fabrics while the sun is shining and warm.

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As it turns out, it’s not all that difficult: you can wear it with a floral print dress, a pair of brightly patterned pants, and even with another one of Spring’s biggest trends, a full skirt. It’s all in how you style it, but even leather bombers in dark tones like black and brown make sense.

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Click through the gallery above to see 10 creative and stylish ways to rock leather bombers this Spring!

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Click through the gallery for 10 stylish ways to rock your favorite leather bomber jacket this season!

1. Use it to top a pair of brightly patterned pants.

Since leather bomber jackets are oft considered more of a fall-weather staple, it's wise to try to lighten it up a bit with some of Spring's frequent trademarks: namely, a pair of trousers covered in a vivid floral or perhaps colorful geometric pattern.

Photo: Kayture

2. Wear it over the perfect Spring dress.

One of the coolest looks you can pull off during the cool-to-warm transitional time that is the beginning of Spring is wearing a badass leather bomber over a girly dress. Whether it's a frock in a springy solid tone, or a bright print, it's almost always a good look.

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

3. Turn them green with envy.

Reach for a leather bomber in a subtly green tone; under certain lights it might even look black, but in the bright Spring sun, the shade will stand out a lot. We love how this blogger paired it with a golden yellow, to pick up the green tones even more.

Photo: Trop Rouge

4. Dare to pull off black.

Regardless of the colorful explosion that happens during the warmer months, there's actually no rule that you have to deck yourself out in pastels, pinks, and purples. Dare to wear black during the Springtime months, and you'll probably end up standing out—in a good way. (A splash of red doesn't hurt, either.)


Photo: vincenzo grillo

5. Try it over workout gear.

If there's one thing we've learned from off-duty models, it's that workout wear can make for a damn fine outfit. Toss a leather bomber over your leggings, tee, and sneakers, and you're all set to hit a brunch or after-work drink with friends.


Photo: ImaxTree

6. Choose a brightly-colored leather.

One of the best ways to make a statement with a leather jacket during warmer months is to reach for one that strays from the typical tones of black, brown, and other neutrals. We love how blogger Aimee Song opted for red, but we are equally as in love with leather bombers in shades like yellow, pastel pink, and mint green.

Photo: Song of Style

7. Rock it with a great pair of jeans.

It's very trendy right now to pair a bomber jacket with a girly outfit--like a floral Spring dress or a matching set--but we happen to love them on top of jeans and sneakers, too. Throw one on top of your favorite pair of skinny denim, your statement-making shoes of choice, and no one can mess with you.

Photo: ImaxTree

8. Go for vintage-inspired brown.

Bombers in fun colors and badass black are great, but they have an entirely different feel in a classic brown shade. If it has an on-trend shearling trim, all the better.

Photo: vincenzo grillo

9. Toss it over a maxi.

Maxi dresses are another spring staple. and they happen to look great with bomber jackets of all sorts; you can reach for heels to dress the whole look up, or stick with a sleek sneaker to achieve a stylishly casual vibe.

Photo: Elle

10. Over a full skirt.

If you're really into the full skirt trend this season, opt for a more miniature-sized bomber jacket with the sleeves pulled back. It will help accentuate the smallness of your waist and work with the bigger skirt to create a feminine silhouette.

Photo: Atlantic-Pacific

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