The Leading Ladies of Pinterest

Marni Golden
The Leading Ladies of Pinterest
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Late last December, I remember hearing about Pinterest for the first time, and my immediate reaction was something along the lines of, “Oh, great. I’ve finally mastered Twitter and Facebook, and now there’s a new kid in town?” Little did I know this mysterious world of pinning was already a massive craze, dominating the spare time of many savvy and engaged users.

I took to Wikipedia, which informed me that 83% of Pinterest users in the U.S. are women. My next question: Who are these broads? Over the next few days I found myself cruising this terribly addictive site, constantly clicking on each users’ “pins” – which are personally selected images meant to inspire and connect with others on a global, digital scale.

Still a little unsure, I decided to turn to some of our favorite Pinterest prodigies and do a little shopping with them at Brooklyn’s famed Dekalb Market. All with a creative eye for style and substance, these ladies know the tricks of this trade and were gracious enough to impart some of their wisdom.

Click through the slideshow to see our day at Dekalb with Blair, Amanda, Sarah, Helena and Katie. Each page links to their individual insights into this rapidly growing world called Pinterest.

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The Leading Ladies of Pinterest: Blair Eadie, Amanda Nistor, Sarah Dobson, Helena Glazer and Katie Evans

Blair Eadie: Pinterest page, founder of Atlantic-Pacific

To read more about Blair click here!

Blair's bright, eclectic look fit right into the vibrancy of the market.

Amanda Nistor: Pinterest page, founder of Ruffled

To read more about Amanda click here!

Amanda's favorite pastime clearly was window shopping at Etsy.

Sarah Dobson: Pinterest page, graphic designer/creative consultant

To read more about Sarah click here!

Sarah immediately stopped in her tracks upon seeing these western-chic, woven blankets.

Helena Glazer: Pinterest page, founder of Brooklyn Blonde

To read more about Helena click here!

Helena's eye for detail is evident as she observes one of the many collectibles she discovered at Dekalb.

Katie Evans: Pinterest page, graphic designer

To read more about Katie click here!

Could Katie look any cuter at Eleanor's shop? It was not easy parting ways from that adorable bicycle.

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