Awkward! Watch Lea Michele Get Snubbed by Jessica Lange on the Red Carpet

If you’ve ever spotted someone you know and go in for a super-friendly oh hai, only to have them stalk right past you, you’ll probably relate pretty well to this amazing video of Lea Michele getting snubbed by Jessica Lange.

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The scene: Michele was doing what she does best (i.e., swanning for photographers) during the “American Horror Story: Freak Show ” in L.A. last Sunday, when Lange—the show’s star and general Hollywood icon—walks by. Lea stops posing for a sec and tries to say hello, with no success.

Sure, it’s possible (probably, even) that in the madness of paparazzi, handlers, and fans, Lange simply didn’t see Lea, but it’s still a pretty cringe-y encounter, especially because it’s been rumored that the “Glee” star is desperately campaigning for a role in the Ryan Murphy series’ next installment.

Check out the GIF below, and watch the whole scene play out on YouTube.

“American Horror Story” airs tonight of FX.





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