Lea Michele Just Got Drool-Worthy Blonde Highlights

Lea Michele Just Got Drool-Worthy Blonde Highlights
Photo: Getty Images

Do blondes really have more fun? Well, it looks like Lea Michele is testing out this theory—judging from the super summery blonde highlights she debuted on Instagram yesterday. Yup. If you’ve got an image of the 30-year-old as the angel-voiced (slightly type-A) brunette, Rachel Berry, on “Glee,” erase that image from your memory. She’s a blonde now—well, partially.

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Though the actress got some sick caramel highlight earlier this year, Michele’s hair game over the years has been so-so, with most of us picturing her with her usual chocolate brown locks. Until now, of course. Michele just shook things up big time with her summery new hairdo, and we’re singing to the hairspo gods for their gift.

Unlike her “Glee” character, Michele kept things pretty low-key when announcing her hair change. She simply posted a selfie with yellow sparkle and heart emojis to let her followers know what’s up. Dressed in a daisy-covered dress, the singer showed off her new honey blonde balayage (and possibly a new tan) while giving a major smize to the camera.

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Though the “Scream Queens” star didn’t go full-on blonde—you can still see streaks of brown peeking out on top and throughout—this is the blondest we’ve seen her take her hair. Which brings us back to our initial question: Do blondes have more fun? Given that Lea is 50-50, she should be able to experience the best of both worlds. We’re still waiting for her conclusion.