LC’s New Extra Long US Weekly Article, er, Novel


LC’s new “novel”, titled “L.A. Candy”, was written by her ghostwriter at The Laguna Beach Center for Children Who Can’t Read Good. Just kidding. But Conrad’s new book, which comes out on June 16th, is a not-so-thinnly-veiled account of her own life post Laguna Beach. If you could believe this, the novel’s protagonist, Jane Roberts, shockingly winds up moving to Hollywood and becoming the star of her own reality show, according to

How exciting that the reality star has a novel chronicling what could be covered in two pages of an US Weekly feature! Now there is a book for the masses with all the excruciatingly boring details that were cut from the show. The newly annointed author now has a vehicle to communicate the vapid looks that the characters share on The Hills with written word.

This is the latest professional endeavor (and definitely most questionable) for the reality star turned fashion designer (whose line might be defunct- or might just be getting a facelift and sold at a lower pricepoint) and now “author”. We put the word author in quotes because it’s doubtful that Lauren actually penned any of this book, let alone a single sentence. It’s a safe assumption to make that the reality star is no master of the written word, given that her writing experience is limited to, well, nothing. And as any journalist knows, writing a solid and enaging feature story is hard- let alone an entire novel.

We’re wondering if we can expect to learn any more about Conrad’s drama filled last few years via the “characters” in L.A. Candy (although she promises she won’t be “calling anyone out”)? Will we be seeing (staged) paparazzi shots of Audrina or Heidi and Spencer reading the new novel?

You can read an excerpt at

Lauren’s pr team- if you are reading this- please send us advanced copies!