6 Lazy Girl Tips to Stay Fit From Workout Tyrant Jackie Warner

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6 Lazy Girl Tips to Stay Fit From Workout Tyrant Jackie Warner
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With the summer officially here, hiding behind dark-colored clothes and chunky knits is sadly no longer an option. With the warm season calling for skin-baring styles like shorts, tank tops and babydoll dresses, it’s time to step up your health and fitness routine so you can feel great and stay in shape all summer long.

For the many folks who on short on free time, it’s easy to brush off exercise and order take-out from the nearest Chinese restaurant. With a little self-determination, self-control and know-how, however, eating right and squeezing in some time to work out (all while maintaining a healthy diet) can be a lot easier to accomplish than you’d think.

Thankfully, we had the pleasure (and pain) to speak with celebrity trainer Jackie Warner and get a personal fitness session which left our bodies sore for a few days after (guess that means we did something right, right?). As part of Evian‘s “Live Young, Get Fit!” event series — which made its way to Los Angeles, Miami, and New York this past month —  Jackie was sent by the mineral water brand to treat some lucky invited fitness enthusiasts to an one-hour workout session, where we were able to chat with the Work Out star and get some easy tips that any lazy girl (or guy) can pull off this summer.

Check out all of Jackie’s tips and tricks in the gallery above to get you one step closer to getting you looking and feeling your best this season.

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Check out celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner's 6 lazy girl tips to stay in shape this summer!

Combine Workouts

For lazy girls and guys on the go, try supersetting in your workout by combining several workouts and doing them rapidly. This will bring your heart rate up and get you into the fat burning zone, allowing you to burn calories after your workout.

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Eat Clean

Eating clean for five days in a row breaks down the sugar addiction in your brain. Clean eating includes two fruits and three vegetables per day, three lean, free-range proteins and two fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds.

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Have Two Cheat Meals a Week

Eat clean five days of the week and allow cheat meals on the sixth and seventh day. Having two cheat meals is better for a lifestyle change than one.

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Drink Water

Many times hunger pains are caused by dehydration, so drinking a lot of water is definitely a good idea. Three liters of water a day will help speed up your metabolism by 30%.

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Do an Easy 20-Minute Workout

An easy physical activity to do is high intensity interval training in a 20-minute workout. Start by jumping on a treadmill, and raising your ramp to a setting of 12. Walk fast uphill (about 3.5-3.8 MPH) for two minutes, then lower your ramp to a level of one and run hard (about 6.5-7 MPH) for two minutes. Then cool down by walking for one minute. The repeat four more times to workout for a full 20 minutes.

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Replace Snacks With Shakes

Healthy shakes make great pre-workout snacks. Blend together whey protein powder, berries, flax seed oil and peanut butter. It tastes great!

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