Meet Layout, Instagram’s New Collage-Making App

Leah Bourne
fashion collage Meet Layout, Instagrams New Collage Making App

Photos: Instagram

If you’re a fan of posting photo collages to social media, you might want to pay attention: Instagram is rolling out a standalone app just for you called Layout. According to Mashable, based on Instagram’s users habits, this app is a long time coming. In fact, one in five of Instagram’s active users—that’s over 60 million people—are already using apps like Diptic, PhotoCollage, Moldiv, and Pic Stitch to make collages.

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Here’s how Layout works: You can pick up to nine photos from your camera roll (they don’t have to have been snapped in Instagram). Layout then organizes your photo selection into three sections: recent photos, photos with people’s faces, and an area with all of your photos.

From there, the app suggests up to 10 collage templates to choose from, depending on the number of photos you have uploaded into the app. After selecting a template, you can customize it by dragging and dropping photos into it, zooming in on specific photos, and even adding a “mirror” effect that duplicates part of a shot.

Another cool feature of Layout is “Photo Booth” where you can replicate the photo booth experience taking four shots in quick succession using your smartphone’s camera.

Creations from the app can then be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Flipboard, and Slack.

It’s free to download, and available on iOS now and an Android version is expected soon.

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