Law & Winehouse: SBU (Special Beehive Unit)


In both breaking and shocking news, Amy Winehouse is in London court today to come to terms with the one blip on her flawless track record: shamelessly striking a charity ball dancer last September. (Kind of sounds like a South Park episode waiting to happen, no?) In what was referred to as “deliberate and unjustifiable violence,” Winehouse lashed out at dancer Sherene Flash when asked politely for an autograph.

Perhaps Winehouse is not a fan of charity… although surely her resurgence in the media is a solid example on society’s behalf, being that she supposedly donated her crack pipe to the children of St. Lucia and her beehive is now free of stashed narcotics.

On a side note, her court photo is not all too unflattering. She appears to have gained weight and taken an interest in bleaching her bangs especially for the event.
We don’t mean to hate, Amy. We just really miss when you used to sing and stuff.