New Law To Put Calorie Counts On Vending Machine Snacks

Leah Bourne

Full Bank blackThis could be a major downer the next time you go to get an afternoon pick me up—a new law is going into effect that will require vending machines to post calorie counts. So yes, forget about eating grabbing Doritos from the office vending machine and not knowing just how many calories you are intaking from now on.
Beginning this year about 5 million machines across the country will begin providing calorie counts of their snacks under new labeling guidelines outlined in the Affordable Care Act. Over 10,000 companies will have to comply with the new rules, which are expected to cost the vending machine industry $25.8 million in the first year and $24 million each year subsequently. Companies have a year to update their products with calorie count information, so it is unclear exactly when you will begin to see these changes go into effect.
Yes, we know that theoretically this is good for us. Much of what is in vending machines is, after all, really really bad for us. Still, we have to admit we have to admit we are going to miss guilt free snacking!
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