Lauren Santo Domingo Tweets: The Best And The Bitchiest

Lauren Santo Domingo Tweets: The Best And The Bitchiest
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Let me preface this by saying: I love Lauren Santo Domingo. I think she’s fabulous, and yes, I would kill for her wardrobe, her job and her apartment. Who wouldn’t?

I follow the Vogue contributing editor on Twitter along with over 14,400 other people and some of the things that come out of her mouth (er, smartphone?) make us stop dead in our trackball scrolling. They’re sassy not in a vicious or mean-spirited way, but rather in an “I’m-fantastically-wealthy-and-therefore-a-bit-out-of-touch-with-reality” way, which makes for great reading.

This is the same woman who started Moda Operandi, a website where the richest shoppers can buy designer goods directly off the runway, and that boasts “full quality and full service for full prices, as opposed to the discount version.” Last month, Santo Domingo told Vogue, “The person at the $80 price point has a lot to choose from, but not a lot at the $1,800 price point.” This might not be relatable to 95 percent of the population, but at least she’s got her demographic down!

Sure, her quips are snarky, but they’re also witty the true mark of a good Tweeter. I’ve compiled some of my favorite quotes from the Voguette, and be sure to follow @TheLSD for the most elite Tweets in all of the land!

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WHOA! I don't know about you, but if Jack and Laz gifted me a PS11 and I had a drawer filled with Eddie Borgo bracelets, I'd write thank-you notes until my hand fell off!

The heart of every girl who has ever bought a Chinatown Louis Vuitton bag just dropped, but I can't say that I disagree with LSD on this one.  

... like those fake handbags we just discussed? Agreed.

This is precisely why every fashion-loving girl in America dreams of working at Vogue. How else could jetting off to Paris and late nights at the Boom Boom Room qualify as work? You go, gurl.

Don't pretend that this isn't the only thing you paid attention to during the State of the Union Address (besides the awful comb-overs, of course).

Truer words were never spoken. Each one of these things is more horrifying than the next. I'm not a big re-tweeter, but I made sure to send this gem out to my followers.

I second this motion – care to band together and start a petition? Maybe we can start it on a sheet of your chic personalized stationary.

I'm not sure I'd call you "approachable" – you're just really, really pretty.

I guess imitators come with the territory when you're an international style icon!

Yikes – I hope for their sake that this wasn't directed towards one of your Vogue interns.

Keep the Vogue editor beauty tips coming!

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