Lauren Hutton Lands Lucky Campaign At 69 Years Old: An Expert’s Take On The Over-40 Model Trend

Meghan Blalock
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Images Courtesy of Lucky Brand

Over-40 supermodels are having a major moment right now. During the last year, we’ve seen Stephanie Seymour (44 years old) star in Jason Woo’s Spring Campaign  Cindy Crawford (47 years old) appear sans pants on the cover of Muse magazine, Christy Turlington (44 years old) return as the face of Calvin Klein Underwear, and Christie Brinkley (59 years old) make a triumphant to swimsuit modeling after a 30-year break. Then today, Lucky Brand’s Fall 2013 campaign debuted starring none other than 69-year-old Lauren Hutton.

Hutton, who rose to fame in the 1960s as both a Playboy bunny and a cover model for Vogue (she’s appeared on the magazine a record 26 times!), looks better than ever and still embodies the All-American beauty that’s become her signature.

Clearly, there’s something going on here, so we asked branding expert Kristi McCormick of the Matchbook Company to offer some thoughts on why over-40 supermodels are having such a comeback. See her input below!

Why do you think so many 40+ models are having a moment right now?
By using 40+ models, fashion brands are giving a message to buyers: “We’re not just for 20-year-olds.” Fashion brands want to reach customers of all ages, and by using the famous and gorgeous Lauren Hutton, they’ll attract a new customer base. Using someone as iconic as Lauren will give attention to Lucky that that they’ve never had before. This is evident in all the press they are receiving this week.

What’s the value in featuring these women versus the younger “It” models of today?
Featuring beautiful famous women over 40 demonstrates that beauty is timeless. Women who are iconic and beautiful (and over 40) will keep working no matter how old they become. Monica Bellucci, Demi Moore, Brooke Shields, Julianne Moore, Iman, and Carmen Dell’Orefice are great examples.

Do you think it really works to sell product?
Lucky will definitely sell more clothes/jeans by using Lauren. They’re getting cover news in all the fashion press which improved their brand awareness and [new] women are now looking at their Fall product offerings, which they may not have done before.

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