How To Recreate Lauren Conrad’s Chic Workspace In Your Own Home

Leah Bourne
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Photo (left): Getty. Photo (right) Via Instagram.

Lauren Conrad recently posted a photo of her home office on Instagram, and we were instantly smitten. Gallery wall of art including mirrors, sketches, and oil paintings? Check. Gold accent pieces including a gold bear paper weight and small lamp with a gilded orb base? Check. An antique accent piece, in this case an old rotary phone? Check.

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Luckily, nothing about Conrad’s space is difficult to achieve yourself. Here’s what you need to get the look at home.

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 How To Recreate Lauren Conrads Chic Workspace In Your Own Home

Photo Courtesy of C.Wonder

1. Create a gallery wall using everything from mirrors, to sketches, all framed in gilded mirrors. 

Mix and match framed sketches like this wall art piece from C. Wonder ($98; available at C.Wonder), mirrors, and watercolors to get the look of Conrad’s gallery wall that hangs above her desk.

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Photo Courtesy of Sugar Paper

2. Opt for a desk calendar with a vintage feel to it.

Don’t just go for any desk calendar, especially since it will enjoy such a prominent space on your desk. We are huge fans of Sugar Paper’s Kate desk calendar ($38; available at Sugar Paper) that looks a heck of a lot like what Conrad has on her desk.


Photo Courtesy of Wayfair

3. Instead of a desk lamp, choose a fun decorative lamp for lighting.

Not just any old desk lamp will do, instead choose a decorative lamp, like this option from Safavieh ($162 for set of two; available at


Photo Courtesy of Dwell Studio

4. Decorate with gold knickknacks. 

Conrad has decorated her desk with a lot of gold objects. While Conrad appears to have a gold bear on her desk, these Safari animals from Dwell Studio ($30; available at Dwell Studio) are a great choice to get the look.


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

5. Complete your desk with an antique-looking rotary phone.

If there is one standout item on Conrad’s desk it is undoubtedly her rotary phone. Yes, you’ll probably still use your smartphone for your real calls, but a rotary phone like this vintage phone ($68; available at Etsy) sure looks great.