Lauren Bush Lauren Wants You To FEED For The Holidays

Liz Doupnik

What do you get when you put bloggers, DIY arts ‘n’ crafts and a great cause all in one place? We got to find out last night at Lauren Bush Lauren’s charity event where the holiday spirit was in full force. Editors and bloggers were invited to the headquarters to paint, bejewel and glitter their own bags. Okay, this alone would be an awesome night, but here’s the kicker: this was all to support Lauren’s charity, FEED Projects.

If you’re not familiar with the non-profit, you should probably acquaint yourself pronto. Concentrated on the idea that all people have the right to healthy and nutritious food, FEED sells an assortment of products ranging from bags to teddy bears with a built-in donation for the price of each item. With that, you really get to see where your money is going (which we love).

During this time when so many of us are lucky to go to holiday parties galore, FEED encourages us to remember others who aren’t as fortunate through their 12 Days, 12 Ways to Feed initiative where each day a different piece is featured with the specific area you’re helping with your purchase. So, not only do you get to buy some seriously sweet gifts, you’re doing a good deed while you’re at it. This is mutli-tasking at it’s finest.