Latest Pair of Celebrity BFFs: Kristen Stewart and Lindsay Lohan

Spencer Cain

It’s not an overstatement to say that things aren’t exactly going well for Lindsay Lohanwhat with that pesky court-ordered 90-day stay in lockdown rehab approaching and all. But it seems the troubled 26-year-old starlet has found a bright spot in the form of a new friend—and it’s none other than equally jaded “Twilight” actress (and Converse aficionado) Kristen Stewart.

According to Page Six, the duo met through a mutual pal and hung out at Stewart’s lavish Malibu home with her on-and-off again boyfriend Robert Pattinson, who recently returned from a few months in Australia (where he reportedly had little contact with K-Stew.) Apparently, Stewart and Lohan struck up a common bond over—what else?—their shared hatred of paparazzi and life in the public eye.

While Lohan has had her share of high-profile celebrity friends over the years, such as Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Paris Hilton, Stewart generally appears out in public alone, or with Pattinson or other “Twilight” costar Taylor Lautner.

Maybe this friendship is exactly what these ladies need right now—and they’ll have plenty of time to hang out, considering Lohan reportedly pushed back her rehab sentence so she can attend—wait for it—Coachella. How convenient.

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