Tips on Planning A Stylish Wedding From Liz Cherkasova of Late Afternoon

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Wedding season is upon us, and Liz Cherkasova—better known as the gal behind popular style blog Late Afternoonisn’t immune to that hugely stressful period leading up to the big day. Cherkasova is tying the knot this fall with her fiancé Sam Sampson, and she’s currently deep in the throes of wedding planning.

As stressful as it is to tie together all the loose ends when it comes to wedding planning, there’s also a lot of fun to be had, and Liz has made it a point to infuse her wedding day (as well as all the days leading up to it, like her bachelorette party which was sponsored by Juicy Couture) with moments of joy, ease, and the lightheartedness she often emulates with her personal style.

We sat down with the blogger to find out how she does it, what style aesthetic she’s aiming at for her own wedding, and more!

Your style is easy-breezy but it’s also quite put together. How are you going to translate that on your wedding style?
Finding the right dress has been one of the hardest parts of planning my wedding. My ideal dress is a love child between a 1920s beaded flapper extravaganza and a 1960s boho bride. I want something that looks beautiful but feels completely effortless. I haven’t found the perfect dress yet, but I have a few in the running.

How can brides-to-be make planning the big day as stress-free as possible?
I only have one tip, but I think it is by far the only one that matters. My tip is this: Nothing can ever or will ever be perfect. Except that your wedding day cannot and will never be perfect. Fall in love with the idea of imperfection and just go with it.

What are some fun and easy ways to add personal style elements to a wedding?
I think that your entire wedding should be a reflection of your personal style as a couple. Your wedding should reflect who you are. Choose your favorite colors, serve your favorite food, play your favorite music, and mostly importantly wear what you like.

So many couples feel like they have to wear the traditional wedding wear. I’d rather see the couple in their favorite sweats than in stuffy formal wear they wouldn’t be caught dead in on any other occasion. Your wedding day is a celebration of you, so do whatever you like!

White is obviously a big traditional color for brides; you seem to often go for colorful looks in your personal style. Do you intend to do the same for your wedding?
Yes! I’m really into the idea of having a silver wedding dress, but I also have a deep love affair with white gowns so I’m not at all opposed to wearing white on my wedding day.

What was your number one objective when you started planning your wedding?
To not stress about it. Sam and I are a laid-back couple, so stressing over a wedding just isn’t our style.

Any teasers on what kind of style we can expect from your big day?
You can expect that it won’t in any way be a traditional wedding. Nothing we do is by the books.

late afternoon blogger sweatsuits

Liz and her bridesmaids in customized Juicy Couture sweats.

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