Last Minute Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family


When you can’t think of a quality costume idea, it’s easy to just want to eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by yourself in a corner come Halloween. Although with the holiday less than a week away, it’s unlikely your costume will look like Heidi Klum herself constructed it, you don’t have to stay in warding off Trick-or-Treaters or watching House of Wax. (In fact, we beg you not to.) Here are a few easy throw-together ideas that will be totally memorable (or at least, not as lame as what you did last year.)


If You Are Going By Yourself:

A Never-Nude: For those of you who loved Arrested Development, you remember Never-Nudes; people who are deathly afraid of ever being, well, nude. In true Tobias fashion, just wear cut-off shorts, a white tank, maybe a fake moustache, and you’re all set. Word to the wise: never-nudes are never slutty…so don’t you dare try changing this into a slutty never-nudes. (This idea was stolen from an ex-roommate, in case she reads this!)


If You Are Going As A Couple:

Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton

Best idea ever if you’re going from waitress job straight to costume party come the 31st, and you can’t quite give up the vampire frenzy. Run to the closest restaurant supply store and purchase a green waitress apron and writing pad, plus a no. 2 pencil. Then you pair it with black shorts, and a plain skintight white tee. Throw your hair into a ponytail and try your best at that Southern drawl. Have your dude buy tons of those fake blood capsules, make him practice a melancholy stare, and scandalize everyone by making him bite you all night. Hey, if you’re gonna be that couple…


If You Are Going With Your Friends:

The September Issue: Since the film aired, the fashion set aren’t the only people who know about our fave Vogue team. Purchase a blunt bob with bangs wig, and a crazy red ‘fro; there’s your Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. Next you need a long blong wig and a killer wardrobe (thigh-high boots and a fur will have to do) a la Lauren Santo Domingo, and if you have a random dude tagging along, no harm in making him be Andre Leon Talley. All carry copies of the mag, and sky-high heels are required. (And that friend who nobody likes? Make her be the out-of-place Sienna Miller, clearly scared to death.)


If You Are Going With Your Pet (It Happens):

A Wild Thing and Max: Up to you who wants to be what, but we think your pooch/cat/iguana should go as Max, and you can go all out as a Wild Thing. Just buy either pet pajamas (yep, they exist), or a few yards of fuzzy material, and use some simple needle and thread techniques to form ears and a coat. For yourself, either buy or borrow a faux fur vest (which you can wear the rest of the winter), some leggings, and the furriest boots you can find. Then use the remaining fabric from your pet’s costume and make a pair of ears for yourself. You’ll be laughing at all the scantily-clads while you’re super warm.


If You Are Going With Kids:

The characters from Up!: Whether you’re forgoing a party to take your little sister Trick-or-Treating, or babysitting on Halloween night, you can make a quick matching costume by being the Boy Scout and Grandpa from Up! Just grab some men’s trousers and an oversized blazer and pair with a bowler hat, glasses, and suspenders; you’re a Grandpa! Then help your little friend make badges and sew/staple onto a strip of brown fabric; add some shorts and a bandana, then blow up as many baloons as possible.