Need a Halloween Costume at the 11th Hour? We’ve Got Genius Ideas

Need a Halloween Costume at the 11th Hour? We’ve Got Genius Ideas
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It happens every year. You swear you aren’t going to dress up this Halloween (who needs to spend all that time and cash for one night?), and spend zero effort putting together a costume. It feels amazing and free—until it’s the morning of the 31st and you hear about a pretty bangin’ party that night which is costume attire only and you don’t have a cool get-up to get you in. It’s time for some serious creativity, people.

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Believe it or not, the editors at STYLECASTER are not immune to the above situation. I asked our editors to divulge their best last-minute Halloween costumes of all time, and as it turns out, these ladies are pretty good at working under the wire (we do know a thing or two about deadlines, after all). Click through the slideshow to view them all—and feel free to try one yourself this Halloween (we won’t mind!).

Originally published October 2016. Updated September 2017.

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"I was a tourist! I went into a random gift shop on Canal Street, picked up a bunch of touristy merch—and voila. The whole night I kept asking people where Macy's was."

—Leah Faye Cooper, Editorial Producer

"Last year I went as a fish (or something … to be honest, it was really just an excuse to spend zero dollars and wear a lot of sequins). I wore a top from Topshop and silver sequin shorts, both of which I already owned, and then used a lot of blue and silver eyeshadow, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Rx, and stick-on faux pearl face gems. For a scale effect on my cheekbones and temples, I used some spare fishnets as a stencil and went over them with plenty of shimmery shadows and powder highlighter."

—Hilary George-Parkin, Fashion Editor

"I had some leftover leather fabric from a home decor project and quickly cut it into a cat woman mask! All you need is a leather jacket, a black top and pants, and some over-the-knee boots to complete the look."

—Candace Napier, Designer & Pinterest Account Manager

"I wanted to do leopard makeup for Halloween, since it’s so fun and easy, but I didn’t want to look basic, like 90% of college girls in bars. So I made myself a leopard Beanie Baby. I wore a black dress, tied a homemade TY tag around my waist (rhyming poem included), and used that as an excuse to do some fierce leopard-print makeup (all of which was created with liquid and gel eyeliners)."

—Chloe Metzger, Beauty Editor

"I've been a greaser two years in a row. It was an easy one!"

—Lauren Caruso, Site Director

"A few years back, I needed a last-minute costume for a friend’s Halloween party and noticed I had enough polka-dotted paraphernalia in my closet to dress up as the artist Yayoi Kusama, who has made the pattern her signature. It was simple enough to cobble together—I wore a polka-dot dress, scarf, tights, socks and phone case, and even painted my nails to match—but there was one catch: no one got it. It’s admittedly esoteric, but I was pretty pleased with my quick thinking."

—Cristina Velocci, Manging Editor

"So, this may not be the most PC look of all time, but as a devout Catholic with nuns in my family (none of whom were pregnant at the convent, FYI), I'm kind of taking a jab at myself here. I only wear black, hate Halloween, and enjoy laughing at myself, so this covered all my bases. And for the record, I'm not actually making a run for the sisterhood, as my Grandmother might like to think so."

—Christina Grasso, Social Media Manager

"I wanted to be some kind of man-eating, soul-sucking elf a few years back, so I made myself an elf-shaped ear cuff with craft wire and old jewelry. After that, I drew on some evil-looking forehead veins and went pretty goth with my makeup and outfit."

—Candace Napier, Designer & Pinterest Account Manager

"At 5 p.m. on Halloween night, I decided to go to a Halloween party that required a costume. So I ran to Goodwill as it closed, picked up a red ski vest, drew black dots on it with Sharpie, bobby-pinned two pipe cleaners in my hair, and BOOM, ladybug. For makeup, I loaded up my cheeks and temples with red and pink blush and added black dots with eyeliner. It was super easy and crazy cheap."

—Chloe Metzger, Beauty Editor

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