Lashana Lynch Just Got Cast As The Next 007—But It’s Not Exactly What You Think

Aramide Tinubu
Lashana Lynch
Photo: Shutterstock.

Huge news in the movie world and for James Bond fans. Captain Marvel actress, Lashana Lynch was cast as 007 in James Bond–but it’s not exactly what you think. Though the casting is still groundbreaking because a Black woman is poised to take over Bond’s iconic agent number. Lynch won’t exactly be stepping into James Bond’s leather shoes. We knew that Lynch had been cast in Bond 25–Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie back in April, but we had no clue what her role would be. Now we know.

Instead of taking on the James Bond moniker–Lynch’s character’s name is Naomi. “Traditionalists can relax: she’s not the new Bond, but a new character who takes over his secret agent number after he leaves MI6,” the Mail on Sunday reported. “It’s a popcorn-dropping moment. Bond is still Bond but he’s been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman.”

Though we’re a tad miffed that Lynch won’t actually become Bond, this is still incredible news for the film world. Lynch will be joining Naomie Harris in the film along with Léa Seydoux and Ana de Armas. This means that Craig is about to be surrounded by a whole group of powerful and bold women. It’s truly a Bond movie that we can get into. This is the first time a woman will be taking over 007 and the first time a Black woman will take on a role that has been locked down by white men for generations.

A movie insider also revealed several super secretive deets on the film, so stop reading now if you’d like to be surprised.

Apparently, the movie opens with 007 (Craig) enjoying a luxurious Jamaican vacation when an old CIA friend tracks him down to help find out what happened to a kidnapped most scientist.

For her part, Lynch’s shining moment happens early on when  M, played by Ralph Fiennes, tells her, “Come in, 007.”

We’re ready.

Bonde 25 drops April 8, 2020.