Lara Stone Rocks Some Intergalactic Hotness In Hot Chip’s Quirky New Music Video

Susie G

Screen shot 2012 05 21 at 9.40.13 AM 690x484 Lara Stone Rocks Some Intergalactic Hotness In Hot Chips Quirky New Music Video

Quirky electro pop kooksters Hot Chip are back with a brand new single and an equally quirky music video to boot. Oh, and they even managed to wrangle some interesting folks to appear in their new music clip, like iconic actor Terrance Stamp, the musical awesomeness that is known as Reggie Watts and the model with to-die-for cheek bones, Lara Stone.

So, yeah–an interesting ensemble to say the least. I guess we can blame the video’s director Peter Serafinowicz who if you aren’t familiar with is a comic genius in his own right. If you’re familiar with the retro-esque Brit-com that spoofed educational programs from the ’80s called Look Around You, than you’ll be happy to know that Peter was the producer as well as the host behind that piece of TV gold.

But let’s get back to the fact that Lara Stone is actually and kind of surprisingly in the video, wearing an armored jacket with big, pointy shoulders that would make Lady Gaga proud. Even though we can only see one-third of Lara’s whole outfit, we’re already liking what we’re seeing. And what we’re seeing is some spaced-out hotness to the maxies.

To see the outfit for yourself, along with some unusually choreographed dancing and the latest in cultist leisure wear, check out the new Hot Chip video down below:


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