Lara Stone and Baptiste Giabiconi Caught in a Kiss!


Fashion Week shows have started up again, and while the models coming down the runway are usually the focal point, we recommend extending your attention to what’s happening backstage as well. Reason being? We’ve recently been hearing that there’s been a bit of lip locking going on behind the curtains. Thats right. Certain runway models are cozying up to one another. And just who are we talking about? None other than Lara Stone and Baptiste Giabiconi. Wait, isnt she engaged? Looks like that rock on her ring finger didnt stop Baptiste from laying a smooch on her.

Both Lara and Baptiste have played muse for Karl Lagerfelds campaigns in the past; the duo even appeared in short films for the fashion house together. This time, it looks like the Chanel boss might be playing the role of Cupid. Instead of kissing as part of their job description, the blonde beauty and French heartthrob locked lips for real this time.

A witness caught a glimpse of all the behind-the-scenes action. “After the show I had a coffee break. Guess who I saw at the front desk? Baptiste Giabiconi and Lara Stone, who shared an intimate kiss on the mouth and everything. Very strange,” the source told The Sun.

And just where was Laras fianc when all this was going down? Comedian David Walliams was off visiting his homeland of Britain to attend the Radio Times awards. If David only knew what his fianc was up to while he was away, we dont think hed be cracking any jokes about it. Lara and David have not even shared the title of engaged couple for a month yet, and already something (or someone) has gotten between their (eventual?) trip down the aisle.

But wait — thats not a wrap on Laras whereabouts this Fashion Week just yet. The model will pretty much bare all for magazine readers when the third issue of Love hits newsstands on February 8; Lara appears naked, wearing nothing but high-heels on the glossy’s cover. Looks like Baptiste is not the only one Lara is sharing an intimate moment with. Check out her revealing photo (below.)

87174 1264710801 Lara Stone and Baptiste Giabiconi Caught in a Kiss!Clearly love is in the air for Lara. We just can’t help but wonder what will come of the engagement between her and her comedic beau. Who do you think she will choose, Baptiste or David?

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