Lara Looks Luscious


We’re all modelizers in the fashion world…our crushes run rampant. Behati…Chanel…Coco…the list goes on and on. Since most of their faces stand out more than Tom DeLay in Dancing with the Stars, not many of their mugs could book a Vogue cover more than once a year without a few pouting beauties. Then…there’s the chameleon Lara Stone.

That fierce, deep-set stare and Victoria’s Secret model lips grace the September cover of French Vogue, giving us a fashion case of déjà vu. Wasn’t she just on the cover in February? Pale, blonde, and sneering at us? The September cover shows off the innocent side of Lara, a less-intimidating, oddlly-Doutzen-Kroes-ish version. She looks slightly uncomfortable about being so conventionally pretty. What do you prefer? Bleached and brassy, or dark and demure?

Oh, the career avenues that open up when you’re capable of make radical eyebrow decisions.