Lanvin for Little Girls is Deadly Cute

Kerry Pieri
Lanvin for Little Girls is Deadly Cute
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Move over Gucci kids, Alber is representing for the next generation of fashion aficionados.
Lanvin’s 25 piece collection for girls age 4-10 is inspired by Jeanne Lanvin’s close relationship with her daughter Marguerite, according to Vogue UK, and definitely trumps those mom and me matching headbands and florals often found in catalogs.

The line of little tulle dresses, baby trench coats, black minis and a range of frothiness tied with a bow most likely will be breaking banks all along the Upper East Side though it’s hardly over the top enough for the Toddlers and Tiaras circuit. The photos are the best part including a pensive little lady in a deep red look and a gregarious youngster channelling that Victoria Beckham Marc Jacobs campaign.

It’s a definite cute alert accessorized with ragdolls and long beaded necklaces for the Yo Gabba Gabba set. The collection will hit stores in November.

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