Lanvin H&M’s Lavish NYC Fashion Show

Lanvin H&M’s Lavish NYC Fashion Show
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Lanvin Hearts H&M launched last night with a celebratory fte and runway presentation that drew in the same caliber of crowd you’d expect from a Lanvin collection show in Paris. Anna Sui, Sofia Coppola, Alexander Wang and Emma Roberts all snagged front row seats to support Alber Elbaz and watch the haute couture come down the flower-filled runway at the Pierre Hotel. The luxurious looks modeled by the likes of Dree Hemingway, Anna Dello Russo and Pixie Geldof are so rich and glamorous that you’d never be able to guess the collection is a result of a mass retail store.

With vibrant colors, impeccable construction, menswear accents and a distinct Parisian influence, Elbaz certainly succeeded in making every piece for his H&M collection identifiably “Lanvin.” All looks from the show, along with five original sketches from Alber, are up for auction on the line’s website until November 26, and all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. Click through for some gorgeous photos and red carpet interviews from the event!

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The man of the hour, Alber Elbaz!

StyleCaster: You’ve always been such a big supporter of other designers, why did you come out for Alber tonight?
Anna Sui: Because he’s one of my favorites! I mean I love what he does. I’m always excited about his collections, and you know, it’s just so much fun to wear his clothes. And they’re very wearable.

Do you have a first Lanvin memory?
I remember going to the Paris shop for the first time and just not wanting to leave. I just wanted every single thing in the store. He had stuffed zebras with handbags draped over them, and it was just so fantastic, everything. To me, being a shopper, there’s nothing like it, when you just want everything in the store.

You’ve had experience designing for a mass retailer  – would you ever do it again? Was it a good experience? Yeah, I think as long as the fit is right, and that’s really the key. You have to find a good partner, and I found a fantastic one – Target. And I think this is such a great one for Alber.

And what do you think is the perfect occasion for a girl to wear Lanvin?
Well, I wore mine to the office today! And that’s what I like about it… you can dress it up or down. Of course there’s the really crazy,  special party dresses, which are just like, dreams and confections, so for a special occasion, there’s nothing like it. 

StyleCaster: What is your first Lanvin memory? The first dress you bought, or the first time you met the designer?
Elisa Sednaoui: Uh, actually it’s all fresh – I’m going to meet Alber tonight for the first time. I thought all the collections have been amazing. I like the one-sleeve looks – I think it looks extremely elegant, chic, womanly, but at the same time modern, so I am ashamed that I don’t own one yet, but will own one I hope, soon.

And what do you think is the perfect occasion to wear a Lanvin dress? To a party, on a date, what do you think about that?
Well, I don’t know! With a date, I think you know, with a man it depends – it depends which man it is, where you are going for the date, but with a man you should keep it simple. So if you come in a Lanvin dress, it might be too much! I think you have to keep it as simple as you can. But a Lanvin dress,  for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party or an event – it’s up to you.

What do you admire most about Alber?
Well, I would say everything. It’s about the harmony of everything together. It’s the shape, the choice of material, it’s the taste in putting together the fabrics, and his taste in jewelry he chooses to go with the clothes. I don’t know, it’s the harmony of all of those together.

StyleCaster: You are such a style icon. Have you ever thought of designing again?
Sofia Coppola: Uh, no, I had fun doing the line of handbags for Louis Vuitton, but now I’m happy to just concentrate on my movies.

What’s the thing you’re most excited about in terms of  'Somewhere'?
I’m just happy that I got to make the movie that I set out to make, and I’m really proud of it. 

Could I just ask you what your first Lanvin memory is? Like a show you attended, or a dress you bought?
I remember the first dress I bought from the shop in Paris, and meeting Alber – that was very exciting.

Miss Lanvin is one lucky lady.

Loving the leopard, but the lip color? We're not that daring.

We'd kill to get our hands on these necklaces...

We could barely recognize Mirte Maas with that red hair!

Anna Dello Russo walks the runway with a poodle.

The bride wore Lanvin x H&M.

Au revoir! Get your goods on November 20 in the U.S. and November 23 worldwide.

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