Lana Del Rey: Singer, Fashion Muse, Babysitter, Couch Surfer

Spencer Cain

At this moment, Lana Del Rey is quite frankly impossible to avoid. Despite what seemed like the beginning of a massive public backlash following her Saturday Night Live performance, Del Rey’s debut album is cleaning up on the international charts and more and more people are taking notice.

As previously reported, Lana has inspired the folks over at Mulberry to name a bag after her. Having a purse named after you by a major fashion house is pretty much the ultimate stamp of approval, and it also secures your position as a permanent “IT” girl. I mean, look at Alexa Chung and Jessica Stam.

Anyway, in a profile in T, Lana opens up a little about her life to the reporter, who has an enjoyable time examining the pop star in person. She seems remarkably low-key (or has a great time seeming so to the press), and poo-poos a diner and suggests they drink coffee on the stoop of a brownstone.

The mysterious chanteuse is also busily filling several other roles lately — including that of a professional couch surfer. While a lot of her recently released album deals with a break up, it turns out that she is currently crashing on a Brooklyn couch belonging to her ex-beau. She blames it on the fact that she is busy. Then, she cuts the interview short to go babysit a friend’s baby.

Maybe there’s more than meets the eye with Del Rey, but considering she’s been so hyped up, we’d like to learn more about the REAL her and not the one trotted out for the press.

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