Lana Del Rey’s Dueling Campaigns: Jaguar Vs. H&M

Spencer Cain

 Lana Del Reys Dueling Campaigns: Jaguar Vs. H&M

It looks like the fashion world’s favorite singer and the greatest Saturday Night Live act of all time, Lana Del Rey, has caught a case of the J. Los. No, we don’t mean she’s parading around with a backup dancer who can barely drink legally; We mean that she’s slapping her face on just about anything that comes her way, and the latest is a line of cars (yes, cars!).

Hot off the release of her campaign for Swedish mega-retailer H&M, Lana is back as the face of the Jaguar F-Type two seater. The ads that have been released thus far show Lana clad in 1960s-inspired poolside looks as she vamps for the camera. No word on how a car will come into play here, but we can only imagine her sprawled over its hood wearing a polka dot bathing suit and rollers in her hair.

Despite our initial skepticism, Lana has actually proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in front of the camera, and a hot commodity where high-end brands are concerned. However, we’re not entirely sure we trust her automobile recommendations. Maybe it’s time her endorsements took a backseat to her music. Tell us: Which Lana campaign do you prefer?