Lana Del Rey breaks out tons of random vintage footage again for her latest video "Carmen".

Lana Del Rey Drops ‘Carmen’ Video (A.K.A. ‘Video Games: The Sequel’)

Susie G

Lana Del Rey Carmen

Buzz sensation Lana Del Rey just released her latest video via Twitter yesterday for the single “Carmen.” If you’re not familiar with the track, it’s a super sombre song about a girl with drug problems–pretty much a track you don’t want to blast at your next feel-good shin dig.

Made you something. CARMEN explains everything,” tweeted the 25-year-old singer around 5 PM EST last night. But what is it actually supposed to explain? That she was once a 17-year-old party girl, turning tricks for treats? 

Or maybe, the song itself is supposed to refer to her and her booming fame thanks to the highly viral video for the song “Video Games”, which hit the the Internet back in July 2011? And speaking of “Video Games”, this new video of hers looks awfully familiar like that same viral hit from last year, as well as her first unofficial video for “Blue Jeans”.

Using random vintage clips (a few of which were also in “Video Games” and that first version of “Blue Jeans”), throwing in some behind-the-scene shots and other snippets like her and her beau caught on film with an after-effect that looks like the footage was from 1982, this isn’t the first time we get that Lana Del Rey is a nerd for all things nostalgia.

Here’s to hoping this is another viral hit for you, Lana, and help negate all that backlash from the much-talked about SNL performance where everyone said you bombed.

Who knows–this “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach for your music videos might just payoff in the long run.