Lana Del Rey’s Unreleased Song ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Just Leaked: Listen Now

Meghan Blalock

It seems, shall we say, a bit suspicious that a previously unheard Lana Del Rey song would leak just days after Lady Gaga’s, considering that the two are apparently mortal enemies. But that’s just what’s happened, and this time, Lana’s song seems to be free of Gaga-hatred.

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The track, which just leaked from a forthcoming “Unreleased” collection of the crooner’s songs, is an upbeat, sultry track devoted to the goings on you might expect from its title, “Behind Closed Doors.” Lyrics include, “Everybody’s sayin’ you’re no good for me, but they don’t see the dirty things you do to me,” and “Throw me in the sky like a pizza pie.” Well then!

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The beat is a vaguely dark, electronics-laden track that reminds us a bit of old school Nine Inch Nails. In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if the band’s frontman/Oscar-winning producer Trent Reznor had a hand in crafting this particular joint.

Listen above and let us know: Do you like Lana’s new track?