People Are Low-Key Obsessed With This Cream That ‘Dramatically’ Helps Acne Scars & Premature Aging

Maya Gandara
People Are Low-Key Obsessed With This Cream That ‘Dramatically’ Helps Acne Scars & Premature Aging

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Finding a skincare product that’s earned high remarks from many individuals with vastly different skin problems is like finding a needle in the haystack. Aside from more basic formulas, skincare is very rarely one size fits all. That said, every once in a while I come across said rarity in my daily searches far and wide (across the internet) and there’s really nothing left to do but share with our readers. 

This week, the spotlight is on L’Amarue’s The Face Cream, which has been described as a “simple solution to balance, calm, hydrate, repair and protect” the skin. While its name may sound less than intriguing, its formula is really where the gold lies. The all-in-one lotion works to balance oil production, repair damaged skin, support microbiome health and reduce inflammation with every application. While it tackles common concerns like fine lines, irritation and sagging skin, those dealing with issues such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea have found comfort from use, which is pretty major if you ask us. 

Here are the facts: In a study of 114 participants, 90 percent of users said the cream made their skin appear more youthful, 94 percent said it reduced the frequency of breakouts, 97 percent claimed it minimized acne scarring, while 90 percent said it shortened the length of eczema flare-ups. There’s even more positive insights not listed above.

L'Amarue The Face Cream


L’Amarue The Face Cream

The brand crafted the cream to be like a calming shot for the skin; it sinks in fast and absorbs deeper than the average moisturizer, so you can easily use it as makeup primer. While it’s highly emollient, users report it doesn’t sit on top of the skin or leave the face feeling oily throughout the day.

“I’ve been dealing with pustules and flushing rosacea since the day I turned 40, a year and 9 months,” said one shopper with rosacea. “I’m telling you, my face is 100% clear, no redness, no itching, no swelling, no acne, and ZERO of those little tiny pustules…It’s almost insane.”

Other reviewers have reported the cream has healed anything from “lizard skin” to dark spots within days of use, with many referring to it as a “miracle formula” after the results they’ve seen.

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“I have struggled with dermatitis on my face my whole life,” shared another person. “This magical cream (plus the eye cream) can clear up a dermatitis outbreak in days, with noticeable soothing and repairing after just a few hours. If you’re waffling you should buy this. My skin has never looked this good and I’ve tried everything.”

The reviews hardly stop there. One 29-year-old shopper wrote that they were “blown away” by the changes it brought to hormonal acne and premature aging. “I used the face cream consistently for a three month period, during which time my acne scars healed dramatically, redness and congestion reduced noticeably, and I had fewer breakouts. When I applied it at night, I truly did wake up looking brighter and more hydrated.”

One more before you go: “The first time I used L’amarue, my skin DRANK it. I can only describe the affect as my skin calming down. Now, two weeks later, my wrinkles have half disappeared, all the tiny irritations are gone, and my skin is starting to glow. Somebody called this witchcraft. Perhaps, but if so, we’re talking Glenda,” raved another customer.

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