Lady Gaga’s Tour Demands Revealed: See The Pop Star’s Absurd List of Must-Have Items

Spencer Cain
Lady Gaga’s Tour Demands Revealed: See The Pop Star’s Absurd List of Must-Have Items
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Notoriously private stars always have dirty laundry, and it always comes out when they’re in the midst of a lawsuit. Case in point: Lady Gaga. The world-famous pop star may seem accessible to her fans (known as her Little Monsters)—but a lot goes on behind closed doors, and it’s coming out now thanks to a legal battle between Gaga and her former assistant and best friend Jennifer O’Neill.

O’Neill is suing Gaga for about $380,000 in unpaid overtime wages, a move Gaga responded to by calling O’Neill a “hood rat” and a “disgusting human being” during her deposition. Now, thanks to the scuffle, Celebuzz managed to obtain a copy of Gaga’s tour rider, which is packed with juicy details about what the superstar demands while touring.

Some highlights:

  • For her dressing room, Gaga requires a “glam rock” theme, with white leather couches and “her favorite fan art”—and a mannequin with “puffy pink pubic hair.” We’re not sure what to make of that.
  • Obviously, the noted whiskey lover needs her booze, so Jameson and a bottle of “good quality red wine” is required wherever she goes.
  • Gaga once wanted a pair of Louboutins, but she didn’t want ones anyone else had. Her requirements for the design? “High-fashion goth shoes…sexy, simple…studded…leather.” Sounds about right.
  • She likes lavender—a lot. One section of the rider reads that the pop star requires “2 large fluffy lavendar [sic] towels; 2 lavendar [sic] hand towels; 2 lavendar [sic] wash cloths, lavendar [sic] handsoap, body wash; face soap; 2 new seafoam luffas [sic]; small candle in the bathroom, fresh yellow, lavendar [sic] or white roses; and a steamer.”
  • Most of us go with the flow when it comes to our drinking straws, but not Gaga. Her rider reads, “1 pack of long straws (must be extra long.)”

  • Mother Monster is clearly a big fan of chips and dip, as guacamole, salsa, and different variations cheeses kept popping up. If you’re wondering about her chip preference, it’s Tostitos Hint of Lime (a hugely underrated chip in our humble opinion, so we’re okay with that particular demand.)
  • Lady Gaga requests 20 bottles of still water at room temperature, and 20 bottles of cold still water. Hey, staying hydrated is a big deal.
  • Next to every bed in her hotel suites, a “multi power strip” must be provided, presumably so she can charge her fleet of electronic devices. Additionally, an iPod player (preferably Bose) must be accessible at all times.

Check out the complete rider here, and let us know—did anything shock you?

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Lady Gaga greets fans in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Lady Gaga attends her release of her latest fragrance, Fame by Lady Gaga, at Harrods in London.

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Lady Gaga performed at a New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square, New York, in 2011.

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