Lady Gaga’s New V Column Is All About Fashion & Fantasy


Lady Gaga put on her editor hat once again for the latest edition of V Magazine, and we all know that she takes her hats very seriously. In the issue that hits newsstands today, she writes, “If you were to ask me to remove my Philip Treacy hat at a party, in truth it is the emotional and physical equivalent of requesting I remove my liver.” Yikes.

It’s evident by now that Mother Monster tends to be a bit theatrical in all aspects of her lifeespecially her wardrobe choicesbut she took to the pages of V to dispute the notion that it’s all a performance. She claims that she is theater and theater is her, and that she “knows not the difference between a moment of performance and a moment of honesty.” So, in less confusing language, I suppose that she’s trying to say she was “born this way.”

She advises her Little Monsters to do as she has done and live out their fantasies, which will eventually become their reality. She says:

“Wear out your vision. Proclaim your mission. Amen, Fashion! Style can transform and release your internal rockstar. Whether it be one pair of shoes, some vintage sunglasses, a family heirloom, or a hair color that makes you feel as electric on the outside as you do on the inside.”

Preach on, sister! Pick up the new issue of V to read the full column.