Lady Gaga’s New Single “Hair” Is An Ode To Her Crazy Wigs


Another day, another Lady Gaga single, right?

She just released the fourth promotional single in the countdown to Born This Way‘s debut on May 23an ode to her crazy wigs and her crowning glory, aptly called “Hair.” In a 13-minute long message to her Little Monsters over the weekend, Gaga explains that she expresses herself through her wigs, and that when she was a little kid, she felt that her parents were stifling her identity when they would tell her to go back upstairs and brush her hair.

The single cover, shot by Nick Knight, features Gaga wearing an oh-so-trendy pink wig. The clubby beat and ’80s influences that she used in “The Edge of Glory” are back in action this time aroundthere’s another sax solo, a drum beat that’s reminiscent of Pat Benetar’s “We Belong” and some very Springsteen-esque melodies.

Take a listen belowhopefully this tune will be able to hold you over for, like, three more days until Mother Monster drops another single.