Lady Gaga’s Full V Column: Rambling, Yet Thoughtful

Kerry Pieri
Lady Gaga’s Full V Column: Rambling, Yet Thoughtful
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Lady Gaga was on American Idol last night and told a young, uber-conservative boy to pretend to stick his tongue down his girlfriend’s throat in order to use the microphone correctly much to the red headed, deep voiced boy’s shock. I love the fact that Gaga is so global and messing with people who would normally avoid her. She’s reaching an audience with her writing now with her new column in V. Read my favorite outtakes below, and squint to get the full story above, or buy the mag that hits newsstands today!

She’s also speaking to the people in her new column in V Mag, below find some of our favorite outtakes and squint to get the rest in the photo above!My studio apartment on the LES, quite similar to many of my hotel suites now (knock on wood) was covered in inspiration. Everything from vintage books and magazines I found at The Strand on 12th Street to my Dad’s old Bowie posters to metal records from my best friend Lady Starlight to Aunt Merle-s hand-me-down emerald green designer pumps were sprawled all over the floor about two feet from my bathroom and four inches from my George Foreman Grill (Lady Starlight was always jealous that mine had a bun warmer and hers didn’t)…I would dream of being a rock star who dressed like Mary Bolan, walked like Jerry Hall, had the panache of Ginger from Casino and the mystery of Isabella Blow.

Picasso said “good artists copy, great artists steal.” Maybe he only said that because he and Matisse were in a bitchy queen fight for two decades (some call it a boxing match, I call it a conversation in art.

“The Hussein Chalayan vessel I wore at the Grammy’s was inspired by a chicken. It was stolen from an egg. But the transformation, the context and the approach taken to reinterpret the meaning of birth and rebirth in terms of fame on a fucking red carpet is what created the modernity of the statement.

I asked Rico, why did you tattoo yourself this way? (Something I imagine he’s asked quite frequently). He said gently, with no hesitation “Bazooka gum.”


I am an obsessed pop culture expert…After weeks of writing this article I asked out loud “What do you think YSL would have thought of my metaphor about his collection.” My darling hair designer Frederic replied, “You could ask Nan Kempner but she’s dead.” Now that’s a queen who never left home without her library card.

I mean, it’s genius, I cannot wait for next month’s.

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