Gaga Bites Back at Weight Gain Headlines With “Body Revolution” Initiative

Spencer Cain

 Gaga Bites Back at Weight Gain Headlines With Body Revolution Initiative

Whether she’s smoking marijuana onstage or getting kicked out of Yankees games for disorderly conduct, Lady Gaga’s always making headlines. Lately though, Mother Monster has been getting some pretty nasty flack for some supposed weight gain.

Too absurd — in our opinion — to even entertain, we refrained from jumping into the petty fray. But now, the latest development is something worth discussing. After about a week or so of shockingly mean-spirited comments from bloggers, journalists and other pesky Internet trolls, Gaga launched Body  Revolution, a new initiative on her social media site

According to Gaga,  the goal of Body Revolution is to foster bravery, so fans have been sharing pictures that detail their supposed flaws. “May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous,” the pop star stated on the site. Gaga even captioned a picture she posted (above) with: “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.”

So far, Gaga has handled the whole weighty situation with grace and humor — even appearing in a Comme des Garçons dress in Paris that looked a lot a designer fat suit. With this initiative though, Gaga took it one step further and has truly made a positive out of a negative, and used the nasty press to empower her fans. Based on the thousands of entries Body Revolution has received in a matter of hours, it’s clear that something here  is working.

This was good work on Gaga’s end — although, honestly, we could have dealt without seeing a photo of her father’s lasagna-filled stomach.

What do you think of Body Revolution?